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Winston Blue Super Slims

Winston Super Slims Blue cigarettes are made and sold by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Winston Super Slims Blue cigarettes are named after the company's city of birth, Winston-Salem, North Carolina located in the United States. The cigarettes were first marketed in 1954 and soon were the best selling cigarette in the United States. They held that position until about 1972 and they are still one of the top ten best sellers in the United States. While they are no longer considered one of the company's "growth brands", they are still at the top of their support brand list. In 2001 they were still ranked 6th in market share value.
   The brand has continued to play a large part in the United States culture. They sponsor several auto racing teams and where would NASCAR fans be without the very famous Winston Cup race? Over the years they have sponsored famous NASCAR drivers such as Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin. Winston's involvement in racing industry only increases their legendary status as a brand that the people love.

Winston cigarettes come in several varieties to choose from: Winston Classic, the Winston White, the Winston Blue, the Winston Silver, the Winston Super Slims Blue and the Winston Super Slims Silver. Winston Cigarettes have a smooth, satisfying flavor that is not harsh or abrasive giving the smoker a more enjoyable smoking experience. Winston Super Slims Blue Cigarettes is the first popular filtered cigarettes in the United States. Winston Super Slims Blue Cigarettes contain no additives and so may be safer than some other brands because they do not have the artificial chemical additives similar to other brands on the market. They are priced a little higher than some of the other popular brands but are well worth the price for the experience and satisfaction they offer to their smoking customers. Winston Super Slims Blue Cigarettes are marketed in many countries worldwide and can be found marketed online through a multitude of retailers for the added convenience, which many people find wonderful due to the busy lifestyles they lead. The company is based and does most of their business in the US but also in Europe.

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