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An inimitable mixture of American and Oriental tobacco such as Burley, Maryland and Virginia, luring taste, bracing flavor, enjoyable smoke, all these are the basic characteristic features of Doina smoking product.

For those, who haven't heard and tasted this amazing cigarette, we will introduce it to you with great pleasure. Doina is a smoking brand , the leading joint-stock tobacco company, TUTUN CTC, whose smoking items have firmly settled down at international market. Moreover, it participated in various international tobacco forums and exhibitions from Paris, Madrid, Russia and repeatedly became the winner. Namely Doina trademark has brought its high prize. It was recognized as best according to all points: taste, tobacco quality, sole components, additives, size. Besides its popularity at foreign market, this fag is widely asked-for within country. Doina Cigarettes is the most famous discount cig among world.

Day after day this smoking article becomes more famous among smokers who prefer strong cheap cigarettes. Doina tobacco finds a ready market, especially among mature age people, who give preference to exhilarating aroma, acerbic taste and rich flavor.

You won't be able to resist the colorful range of Doina cigarette variety, which is presented in our online discount tobacco store at cheapest price. Among the following choice, you may select everything that coincides with your tastes and wishes.

    * Doina Cigarettes - is placed in a soft cig package and possesses inconceivably strong flavor.
    * Doina Premium - characterizes by smoking content with chocolate color.
    * Doina Carton - has sophisticated tobacco taste.

If you are ready to taste the Doina Cigarettes at best price you've ever seen, just visit us, place an order and soon you will get the desired cigarette.

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