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Doina Premium

   Like Hilton dynasty which is famous for its series of elite hotels and premium smoking product, Doina Premium cigarettes brand can also be proud of itself. The whole Europe knows and highly estimates the products of this brand, such as Doina Premium Cigarettes cognac of the highest quality, which is considered to be one of best cognacs in Europe. And another item of Doina trademark is tobacco product of the same name.
   Doina Premium cigarette is one of the most preferable brands of the Eastern Europe. Its manufacturer, TUTUN CTC which influences on the main markets of Russia, Serbia and almost all republics of former USSR, possesses a good reputation and has won the recognition at domestic tobacco market. Doina Premium cigarettes becomes an internationally recognized cigarette trademark, which daily is being developed at a pretty good clip and has a lot of devotees.

"Doina Premium Cigarettes – Do Not Change Your Habits"

  The experience of Doina Premium cigarettes brand is beyond discussion. Its exquisite taste and specific flavor impresses at once. Its blended tobacco which was used in producing Doina Premium discount cigarette brand endowed it with excellent qualities. Doina Premium   cigs differentiate by their high nicotine level that reaches till 1.3 mg. That signifies that this tobacco is more suitable for men-smokers, who prefer strong perception.

  Day by day, TUTUN CTC, enlarges its assortment, so appear new smoking products which enjoy all the necessary for high-class tobacco items features. Today our online discount cigarette store offers you the following assortment: Doina, Doina Premium, Doina Menthol, Doina Carton. All brands have their unique originality.

Among such a wide choice you are able to select the appropriate one. We are happy also to inform you that Doina Premium Cigarettes are available at affordable price. So make up your mind right now.

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