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Esse Special Gold

Esse Special Gold Cigarettes are produced in South Korea by Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corp., Paraguay. These slim cigarettes have the best tobacco quality and specific taste. KT&G uses specific components for its brand to make each cigarette brand exclusive in its taste and flavor. Taste of Esse Special Gold Cigarettes is blessed and delicate that is accompanied by distinctive outstanding perfume. By this smoking experience were delighted thousands of women around world and in one voice they claimed “it's a real women thing”.
Esse are available for purchase at our online cigarettes store in the following versions: Esse Field Cigarettes, Esse Lights Cigarettes, Esse Menthol Cigarettes, Esse Slims Special Gold. Some of the brands that are popular among females include Esse Menthol. Lightening up of an Esse Special Gold Cigarettes is like high fashion: interesting, reputable, and inexperienced If you want to:
  - Stimulation. It helps you wake up, get organized, and get going.
  - Pleasure. You enjoy the “luxury” of the feeling that smoking gives you
  - Relaxation. Smoking can be the classic “crutch” in times of discomfort. You may find it much easier when things are going poorly.

Esse Special Gold Cigarettes are the top-quality tobacco products. You can feel it from the first inhalation of an elegant cigarette. Do not hesitate to buy Esse Special Gold Cigarettes  as they have very moderate prices and quality. “Esse Special Gold Cigarettes — your favourite brand — and mine!

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