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Leana Cigarettes – Your Stimulating Cigarette
Smoking product consisting in 20 non-filter cigarettes of original tobacco, placed in yellow packet that is the peculiar feature of Leana cigarette.

TUTUN CTC, leading Tobacco Company in Eastern Europe launched an astonishing smoking brand that strikes either by its pure tobacco that doesn't contain any additives or by its meaningful yellow cover.
You may think what is so peculiar with its design? Still the manufacturers wanted to show that they selected namely yellow color for this smoking cigarette. There is more to it than meets the eye. Yellow hue is bright, stimulating color, it increases concentration, improves memory, contributes to correct and rapid decision making. The color of optimism, it symbolizes intuition and quick wits, patience and sincerity. So the smoker who possess at least half of this qualities, will single out precisely Leana cigarettes for himself without fail. If you don't have such features but you would like to have them, the solution is Leana cigs. They will become a devoted friend that will reveal you the way towards future changes.
Lean cigarettes design distinguishes from the other brands. It has a quite simple pack design. The manufacturers wanted to capture the attention of smokers who prefer and respect simple things. Thus, they created a pack in a modest style.
Leana brand is a combination of different sorts of high-quality imported and local tobacco. As these fags are non-filtered cigarettes you will be able to feel the strong original taste of an excellent tobacco which will capture your soul. It's exciting flavor and befuddling smoke won't leave you indifferent to these cigs.
Moreover, Leana cigarette will perfectly suit to smokers who are fairly will off, who cannot allow themselves expensive smoking items. Still buying Leana cigarettes, you won't feel the difference in quality because, as we have already said before, they are made of elite tobacco, having grown overseas. But you will absolutely notice the difference in pride what will strike you.

If you are ready to give your preference to Leana tobacco, then we are glad to see you in our online tobacco store.

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