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Glamour Menthol

Every woman who is familiar with beauty and allure of contemporary world tends to one thing - to glamour. Gallagher is the company that honored all lady smokers with this diamond - Glamour Cigarettes. This tobacco product is one of the leaders of the most desired cigarette brands .In creating this brand Gallaher involved such ingredients as: exclusiveness, style and elegancy. Smoking this blissful product a fine cigarette taste of mellow ingredients that arouses all the senses can be felt. Its slimness along with beauty creates the desire to make it a part of personal lifestyle. Glamour Menthol Super Slims Cigarettes offer a lady a more glamorous smoking experience each and every time she lights up. Its features may be perfectly combined with all life moments of a grace lady. It enhances the femininity and individuality of lady smokers from all over the world. Glamour Menthol Superslims Cigarettes have a traditional look of the pack, with a butterfly on the white background that suggests there is something fascinating and sensual about both, the cigarette and the lady smoking it. Every woman, who has tried it even once, can't abnegate herself to have it once more! Glamour Cigarettes come in several varieties, depending on your mood, taste and preferences: Glamour Lilac, Glamour Blue and Glamour Amber. You can also have a cold morning with Glamour Super Slims Menthol and a hot evening with Glamour Super Slims Pinks. This is a truly glamour! These are the best cigarettes around. Find some free space in your bag for a drop of Glamour!

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