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Camel Filters

Camel Cigarette It is Impossible to Tear Yourself Away from It
Camel Filters is a type of Camel brand of cigarettes that was introduced by JT International in 1913. Most current Camel Filters cigarettes contain a blend of Turkish and Virginia tobacco.
One of the constituent parts of Camel Filters cigarettes success is a combination of a high quality tobacco and the products low price. They belong to 10 best-selling cigarette brands.
Balanced nicotine content and a smooth taste make Camel Filters cigarettes a classic that will never run away.
Turkish and Domestic Tobaccos when expertly blended produce a smoke more pleasing than either kind smoked straight. Thats what youll find in Camel Filters cigarettes.
The Turkish tobacco that is used in Camel Filters cigarettes has a much more distinctive odor when burned as compared to other cigarettes. It generally has a darker, browner smell to the smoke.
You cant buy a more delightful cigarette than Camel Filters at any price. Theres no tongue-sting, nor unpleasant after-taste.
Nowadays, Camel Cigarettes represent three different families of flavor - Filters, Blue and Silver Blends. The Filter styles, which represent the bulk of the brands business, offer rich tobacco taste. Camel cigarettes Blue family offers smooth and mellow versions of the brands distinctive flavor. Camel Silver Blends, a line of premium-priced, limited-edition luxury blends, offer adult smokers indulgent taste signatures.
Camel Cigarettes is today one of the top five global cigarette brands, sold in over 90 countries worldwide. Camel Filters cigarettes have enjoyed nearly a century of outstanding success, and what was true of the original Camel is just as true today  its a Pleasure to Burn.

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